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Fair Use: Audio
This file is an audio recording sample from a non-free, copyrighted musical recording, and falls under fair use for the following:
  • the sample is being used to further illustrate information on the subject,
  • the sample is short in relation to the duration of the recorded track, and does not diminish the copyright holder's ability to market the media
  • no free source exists of the object in question.

The copyright for it is most likely held by either SEGA, Sonic Team, the publisher/producer and/or artist(s) producing the work in question. Please view the file summary information above for details on the source of the image.

It is believed that the use of short audio samples qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. See Non-free content for more information.

The audio recording has been edited by our editors for brevity. If you use this file, please credit all persons who worked on this file, to the best of your ability. See Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License information for details.