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Usage[edit source]

This template is used in Template:InfoWorld to list various video game ratings on the Kingdom Hearts series video game titles automatically. To use separately, simply type {{Rating|<<rating agency>>|rating}}, as shown below:

ESRB (USA/Mexico/Canada)[edit source]

  • {{Rating|ESRB|ka}}: Kids to Adults
  • {{Rating|ESRB|e}}: E for Everyone
  • {{Rating|ESRB|e10}}: E10+ for Everyone 10+
  • {{Rating|ESRB|rp}}: Rating Pending

CERO (Japan)[edit source]

  • {{Rating|CERO|a}}: A

PEGI (Europe)[edit source]

  • {{Rating|PEGI|7}}: Ages 7+
  • {{Rating|PEGI|12}}: Ages 12+

USK (Germany)[edit source]

OFLC (Australia pre-2006)/ACB (Australia 2006-present)[edit source]

ELSPA (United Kingdom pre-2004)[edit source]

iOS[edit source]