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The staff on the Sonic Archive are editors chosen to lead the affairs of the site and have responsibilities to protect the Archive's content from vandalism and edit warring, manage articles and files on site, and moderate and help resolve conflicts among users. They have additional rights and tools that allow them to carry out these tasks.

Current Staff[edit source]

Senior Administrators[edit source]

Senior Administrators have the main task of leading the editors on the Sonic Archive in covering and writing content. Each senior administrator oversees a specific area of the Sonic Archive.

Staff icon KeybladeSpyMaster.png
KeybladeSpyMaster • Editor-in-Chief
Part-time custodian. Part-time admin. Full-time spy.

KeybladeSpyMaster has been a senior administrator since November 21, 2019. A computer nerd at heart, KeybladeSpyMaster thrives in coding just about anything, from templates to style sheets for the database, though most of it he learns as he goes along. When he's not coding the Archive into a crash, he'll write up just about anything from news articles to policies to encyclopedic pages.

He also spends a lot of time on Photoshop, creating graphics for just about anything. Despite his gripes with the Sonic the Hedgehog series, he always cherishes his first video game love.

Administrators[edit source]

Administrators are responsible for blocking vandals and deleting unnecessary files and pages. Also known as "sysops," they have rollback rights and can move images.

Moderators[edit source]

Moderators are charged with rolling back edits. They can edit fully protected pages, move articles without having to worry about spam restrictions, rename files, suppress redirects, delete pages, and approve edits made by IP editors and inexperienced users.

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